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Your Satisfaction is My Priority

  • Do you ever wish you could understand the letter you've received about your holiday property, or have a Spanish friend send you an email that you can't read?

  • Maybe you go on holiday to Spain or socialise in the UK with your English colleagues and friends and you wish you could keep up with the conversation?

  • Perhaps you sometimes feel that you wish you had listened more at school?

  • In the workplace you often feel capable of so much more but don't know how to explain it in English or Spanish?


Worry no more! Many of us feel this way once we have left school - it's not unusual!  So, what can Love Language at Sobremesa do for you?

  • Learn to understand your colleagues at work by taking English Lessons on your own, or in a group, at your home, workplace or online.

  • I can help you by translating your documents. 

  • Spanish lessons, at any level, would give you that feel good factor which will enable you to make the most of your visits to Spain.

  • Learning how to  show off your personal skills in a CV or interview is something you can learn how to do.

  • If you just want someone to cast an eye over your CV and review it, or Proof Read your essay or other document, then I am more than happy to help.


I am a fully qualified language Tutor, specialising in English and Spanish, professional Translator working from Spanish into English, Proof reader and CV writer/reviewer offering my skills and services at affordable prices. I’d love the opportunity to show you why my exceptional service sets me apart from the rest of the field. To find what you're looking for, please go to the menu at the top of this page. 


You can also get in contact with me for further information or to arrange a getting acquainted call.

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