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We've updated our site!

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

I bet you're thinking, 'About time too!'. There are always so many jobs to do that things sometimes get put to one side then missed. Well, this website was one of those 'things'.

Hopefully, you will enjoy seeing the new logo and new colours and take a look around the site.

We are pleased to point out our new CORPORATE link so, if you know a company that has lots of speakers of other languages, why not let your HR Department know that we now offer English classes to their staff. This not only gives the staff confidence at work but it makes them feel happier knowing that they can understand the conversations around them and don't get it wrong when their supervisor or manager asks them to do something. Just get them to drop me an email and I'll arrange a meeting to see how we can help. All tutors will be native to the UK and will make lessons interactive and fun.

Another offer for businesses are short courses to help staff get that work/life balance right. This is crucial to the happiness and productivity of the company and will show any business how much they care for the staff. That's got to be a positive, hasn't it?

Until next time, looking forward to longer days and shorter nights. Roll on the Spring!

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