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Christmas charity raffle


ollowing the lead of Sophie's Avon Group Kettering, this Christmas my chosen local charity is the Twinkling Stars Appeal.

I’m donating 3 one-hour Life Coaching Sessions and 3 one-hour Spanish Lessons to this mammoth raffle run by Georgia Holland for the Twinkling Stars unit at Kettering General Hospital (KGH).

At the moment, there is no provision for parents who are experiencing child loss and miscarriage- they have to share waiting rooms and wards with expectant and new mothers. I cannot imagine how painful that must be.

The Twinkling Stars appeal is raising money to be able to provide a safe space for bereaved families away from crying babies and the hustle and bustle of the maternity wards.

Please let Georgia know if you would like to join in by buying raffle tickets or donating a prize.

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