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Could this be the end of lockdown?

I think that's a question we're all asking ourselves. My opinion is that we'll be back in full lockdown before we know it - or at least we should be. It hasn't actually made an awful lot of difference to my life and it's certainly made everyday life a lot less hectic.

Anyway, I've been fiddling around with my site again today so you may notice some small changes. I'm looking forward to creating my first webinar by the end of July. I'm excited to do it although, being my first time, I'm also a little bit scared. Who doesn't worry about their face showing up on people's computer screens!

In the UK we love to talk about the weather. It's not as sunny as it was but it's still pleasantly warm. I don't cope very well in the heat so it's all good with me ;)

I'm also going to try out a couple of Facebook lives - so watch out for those! Not sure what I'll be saying yet but it's all practice. Our world seems to be mostly online these days so I think we need to accept it and join in.

Until next time! Much love

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