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New beginnings

Updated: May 31, 2020

After struggling with the idea for a number of years, I am finally starting a blog. I'm not quite sure what I'll be writing about yet - watch this space.

It's a funny sort of day with a dull sky outside. However, this is the ideal time for me to give it a go. We've got a 'Carry On' film on the telly which is keeping me amused. How films have changed over the years! I bet everyone has been watching all kinds of programmes they don't usually have time to see. That's a huge benefit of the lockdown. Another positive is that people are talking more, albeit via video calling. Children are getting to spend quality time with their parents and siblings and many have started exercising more with online videos - something I keep meaning to do. I'd like to say we're saving money by not going shopping but it's so easy to shop online, isn't it? So, what have you been watching that you'd recommend and what have you been purchasing online? All in all, the lockdown has been quite positive with benefits such as the earth repairing itself from all the damage we've created - the biggest benefit in my opinion. It's been quite relaxing to be honest #lockdown #covid-19 #positivity #talk2julie

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